2017 - Bostons in a Square
Organization Name: American Boston Terrier Rescue
Address: P O Box 1286
State and Zip Code: Little Elm, TX 7506
Email address link: savingbostons@americanbostonterrierrescue.org
Website link: http:ABTR.net
Winner: At this time, I do not know when or how ABTR will use this quilt to help their dogs, but as soon as I learn something I will post it here.

Queen Size Quilt Approximately 81 x 90 inches 100 % cotton fabric Batting is 80% cotton and 20% Polyester Colors in the background and borders are Blue, White, and Yellow This is an original one of a kind quilt. I will not make another one like it and if someone copies it in the future, they will not be able to use the exact fabrics, so it will always be unique. The background is pieced. The Boston Terriers are appliqued using a satin stitch. It is machine pieced and appliqued. The machine quilting was done by my friend Patsy Smith at the Stitching Post in Union City, Tennessee. A label is attached. It states Made by Wanda Jewell 2017. That way you will know who pieced and appliqued it and what year it was made.

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The dogs waiting in the truck while the bug lady is here.

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2001 Boxer Rescue Quilt