2001 Boxer Rescue Quilt

This is a king sized quilt that I had some people donate boxer quilt blocks and I made some myself to raise funds for Boxer rescue. I made the Ziggy Face and Boxer puppies Block. They are paperpieced.

Barbara\\\'s Pansy Quilt

This is a quilt I made for a email friend in England many years ago.

Janice\'s Christmas Quilt

This is a Lone Star pattern with some Wanda Originality thrown in. The blue stars in the corners I liked and then I was in a green and white 9 patch swap that I used for the squares going around the Lone Star. ;)


This is a pattern called Mandeville. I made it for me as I loved the pattern. I made it right after I turned 40 and was depressed.

Picture of the Week

The dogs waiting in the truck while the bug lady is here.

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Latest Photo

This is where Nikki sits when I am on the computer

2001 Boxer Rescue Quilt