I am so proud of myself! I just made my very first bowl hot pad for the microwave! Now I can pull out those bigger mixing bowls I heat the veggies in when I am cooking when Gareth gets home. It will hold the 2 smallest sizes of mixing bowls. It didn\'t turn out too bad. I used Christmas Fabric and made it reversible so if I get tired of looking at it one way, I can change it. :)
Now I have to make some for the little soup bowls as I made that one 12 inches and so I have to cut it down to 10 inches next time. But... I have a book to proof that is calling my name so... I am gonna go and read for a while instead of sewing. :)
Here are pix of my bowl. :) Ain\'t it cute? The plus to this is I won\'t burn my hands or have to search for pot holders when I put the bowl in this and nuke it. :) hehehehe

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The dogs waiting in the truck while the bug lady is here.

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