My Uncle Bobby has gone to Heaven
07 October 2017 | Wanda

On September 3rd 2017, my Uncle Bobby passed away. It was a shock to us all. Uncle Bobby was my favorite Uncle. He was my Daddy\'s middle Brother with Daddy being the oldest. My Daddy took it hard as he always thought he would be the first to pass. I saw Uncle Bobby often at my folks house. We would play cards and laugh like crazy together. I grew up with his kids like they were my brother and sisters. If we weren\'t at their house, they were at ours. When we grew up, we all drifted apart, but that bond is still there even though we are all different as can be. <br />
<br />
It has been a few weeks now, but I still can\\\'t believe that he is gone. It is unreal even though I went to the funeral and you guys know how I feel about funerals. I can still hea....

My Very First Microwave bowl hotpad
21 September 2017 | Wanda

I am so proud of myself! I just made my very first bowl hot pad for the microwave! Now I can pull out those bigger mixing bowls I heat the veggies in when I am cooking when Gareth gets home. It will hold the 2 smallest sizes of mixing bowls. It didn\'t turn out too bad. I used Christmas Fabric and made it reversible so if I get tired of looking at it one way, I can change it. :)
Now I have to make some for the little soup bowls as I made that one 12 inches and so I have to cut it down to 10 inches next time. But... I have a book to proof that is calling my name so... I am gonna go and read for a while instead of sewing. :)
Here are pix of my bowl. :) Ain\'t it cute? The plus to this is I won\'t burn my hands or have to search for pot holders when I put the bowl in this and n....

Baby, It\'s Cold Outside!
16 March 2017 | Wanda

We had really nice weather all winter long with just a few cold days scattered here and there. This week, Old Man Winter decided he was gonna give us a goodbye present. It snowed on Saturday. We were supposed to have about a 1/2 inch and I had 3 inches. It was beautiful. After the snow melted off the road, but was still covering the yard, I drove down to Dresden which is 7 miles away. They got about a 1/2 inch. I got lucky, I guess and caught the tail end of the deeper snow to the north. <br /><br /><br />
<br /><br /><br />
I don\'t get out and do much when it is cold. So I have been inside watching TV and folding fabric. I have all my quilting fabric in plastic bins to keep the sun off of them so they don\'t fade. I do have them or....

06 February 2017 | Wanda

Hi I am testing this without a picture.....

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